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For the greater part of my career as a product designer, I have been deeply committed to mentoring and sharing insights with those who do not have equal opportunity and access to the tech world. These days, mentoring is all virtual, obviously, but it is possible. As you might expect, my recent conversations have been less focused on long-term career management and more on burnout and isolation.

Of course, everyone is feeling stressed right now in one way or another. …

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Create a design profile in order to define who you are as a designer —whether to yourself, you teammates, or others interested in working with you. The main goal for this profile is for you to take ownership of defining yourself.


Copy the below information into your own document. There are 3 sections for you to complete. Replace the text inside to the “[ ]” with your own content. Modify your sharing comfort level based on the needs of your audience. Start sharing your sharable content.

Design Profile: [ Name ]

1. Profile Images that highlight you and make you happy

These images can be you go to images to share with others.

  • [ Serious…

A few years ago, as a first product designer at a small start-up, I was tasked with recruiting my first direct report. I was determined to get the help I desperately needed and scared that I might make the wrong decision. That’s when I found Irene Au’s, Writing a Job Description for UX People. Using the example from her article as a template, I was able to remove a lot of the guesswork and fear out of screening candidates.

Example of Irene’s Skills Assessment:

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This process gives teams permission to accept their T-shaped skill sets. The goal is not to…

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Start-up advisor, consultant, creator, entrepreneur and problem solver.

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